Brain Unblocked | Episode 79: From Mundane to Life Changing with Rebeca Gilbert

brainspotting podcast

Are you a visual thinker struggling to wrap your mind around WTF Brainspotting actually means? Join me this week as Rebeca Gilbert shares her story, not only as a Licensed Professional Counselor open to giving BSP a try, but also as a wife supporting a partner with a terminal illness.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Rebeca’s on-fire analogies for visual thinkers to understand subcortical brain alarms and processes
  • Her vulnerable story of “knowing” everything was fine but still feeling very out of control when her children got sick
  • How a totally mundane experience (“is this even doing anything?!?”) can have life changing results.

PLUS, Rebeca’s fully open and honest description of her experience after having a “low bar” of expectations for Brainspotting.

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