Brain Unblocked | Episode 75: 4 Vital Issues Every Alcohol-Free Entrepreneur Should Brainspot

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You already know Brainspotting can get you out of old patterns and into consistent and focused action on your goals.  But where do you even start?  Especially if you only know one (or maybe even none) of the Brainspotting setups? In this episode, I’ll give you a map for how to build an effective Self-led Brainspotting practice.

You don’t want to miss:

  • The 4 vital issues you need to address in my opinion
  • What happens if you skip just one of these recommendations
  • The often-forgotten importance of using Brainspotting to clear and recharge your internal processing systems

PLUS, how many setups do you need for the ideal Self-led Brainspotting practice?

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