Brain Unblocked | Episode 60: How is self-Brainspotting different than Self-led Brainspotting?

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If you’ve ever tried Brainspotting on your own and wondered if you were doing it right or wondered if it was really as simple as it sounds, this episode is for you.  In it, I discuss the nuanced differences between self-brainspotting and Self-led brainspotting.  I also share some updates that have been happening behind the scenes over here at Brain Unblocked.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Why I went on indefinite leave of absence from my thriving private therapy practice.
  • My new course for already-optimized AF entrepreneurs who feel stalled out by perfectionism and procrastination
  • The small but mighty difference between self-brainspotting and being Self-led


PLUS, how multiple approaches to wellness can combine when there is truly no territory on healing.

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