Brain Unblocked | Episode 56: My Easy-to-Follow Flow Chart for Stalled Out Entrepreneurs

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If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find the right time management technique or to work your way up to “imperfect action” for over 2 months but still feel stalled out in your productivity, this episode is for you.  I’ll walk you step by step through my flow chart to decide on the exact right action for you to take based on where you’re stuck.  

You don’t want to miss:

  • What I’ve learned from my time spent gathering data about you as a business owner over the past 3 weeks
  • The 3 decisions to make to help you get unstuck in your productivity
  • How to know the extent of your brain block using a simple subcortical temperature technique 

PLUS, I accidentally give away some of the contents included in my new brain-based system for helping stalled out entrepreneurs become balanced business owners. 


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