Brain Unblocked | Episode 54: Pause and Reflect: Hope for People Experiencing Complex Trauma

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Even once we get healthy in our relationship with alcohol, there’s often more work to do on the unhealed wounds we have (that maybe either came about with alcohol or they were something you used alcohol to try and avoid).  Whatever the case, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your own level of need for deeper work.  In this episode, Jennyfer does an amazing job of taking something as abstract as complex trauma and sharing it in a way that will help you decide whether or not there’s deeper work to be done for yourself.  

Here’s Jennyfer’s bio in her own words:

I'm a LPC in private practice in Texas, specializing in trauma but more specifically complex trauma. I work a lot with childhood sexual abuse and perinatal trauma and loss. I am certified in brainspotting and hope to begin working towards becoming a consultant in the next year or two. I've also completed a 6 month intensive with Deb Dana in Applied Polyvagal Theory and also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional through the Trauma International Institute.

I am also opening a trauma center (Selah Trauma Counseling Center) at the beginning of 2023 in Wichita Falls with the aim to become an all encompassing center for trauma services.

You don’t want to miss:

  • How trauma can be connected to Groundhog Day drinking habits
  • The common signs and symptoms of complex trauma, especially if you’re a perfectionist or high achiever
  • What is the Polyvagal Theory and how does it connect to Brainspotting?

PLUS, I read my favorite excerpt from Jennyfer’s new book: Through My Eyes - Letters to My Clients [You], available on Amazon. 


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