[Moderation Series Part 4 of 4] How to wake up Shame-Free after a night of over-drinking

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Let’s say you’re ready to commit to stepping OFF the Groundhog Day Cycle of Shame and instead applying the 3-part formula of the Optimize Method so you can have a truly healthy relationship with alcohol.  In this episode I answer the number one question I get from new OAFers… “what do I do if I overdrink while I’m trying to make these changes?”

You don’t want to miss the answers to commonly asked questions like:

  • Is OAFA an alcohol-free challenge where I can’t drink at all? What if I want to continue to drink a moderate amount?
  • Can I just DIY all of these pieces to the formula for change?
  • What can I do if I wake up feeling ashamed after I overdrink?

PLUS, why I’ve stopped sugar-coating my advice for people who want to see true and lasting change.


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