[Changing Habits Series Part 4 of 4] The Surprising Connection Between Your Value Set and Habit Change

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If you’ve ever wondered why some people just seem more able than you to stick with a plan, even when you KNOW (in your adulty brain of course) that it’s a solid plan.  You find yourself slacking off, self-sabotaging, and then you feel ashamed because you couldn’t even do the bare minimum to see results.   In this episode, we’ll explore why it’s critical to understand your own value set before you take action, and how understanding it will also help you when things are difficult with your goal and you need extra TLC.

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My stories about failed attempts at habit change and the reason I now clearly see why they failed (and it wasn’t because the programs sucked or because I was lazy or unmotivated) The connection between your habits and your values, and why understanding it actually makes habit change easier and more permanent What to do when a goal or habit appears to be ill-aligned with your values.

PLUS, how you can get me to walk you step by step through creating your own plan for successful habit change at no cost (as long as you act quickly).


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