[Changing Habits Series Part 3 of 4] What to Do When You Catch Yourself Self Sabotaging

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Sometimes we self-sabotage without even noticing.  Especially when it’s disguised as being polite or flexible or having balance, even, sometimes, self-care!  In this episode, I’ll detail the red flags for each of the 4 types of self-sabotage, and then I’ll tell you what to do when you notice them happening in your life.

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The red flags to clue you in that you’re self-sabotaging The sneaky ways some self-sabotaging types can combine to confuse you into thinking you’re on the right track when you’re not My top recommendations for clients when they start self-sabotaging

PLUS, I share the basics of how to create your own Value-Based Nurture Plan to use as Daily Support in your unique Trifecta of Change for your new desired habit.


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