[Changing Habits Series Part 2 of 4] Why Keeping a Daily Streak of Success With Your New Habit is Not The Goal

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Have you ever had a winning streak and then slipped up and thought “well sh*t, now I have to start all over again!”...or maybe you talked yourself into keeping your streak going but then had a nagging feeling inside that it “didn’t really count”?  We get messages about streaks from places like Peloton and Dry January, but is that really an effective strategy for seeing lasting habit change or is it a source of shame and self-sabotage? In this episode, we’ll explore those questions.

You don’t want to miss:

Why counting days is not an effective or supportive strategy when used on its own What is needed in order for a habit change strategy to *actually* create real change for you How to create a list of milestones that aren’t connected to a perfect streak of wins

PLUS, how to incorporate a daily count if that is something that feels empowering to you!


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