Brain Unblocked | Episode 32: Mommy Wine Time with Tessa Stuckey

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Do you have a coffee mug that sasyss , "this might be wine"? Do you look forward to that first pour of the evening when you can finally "relax" after a busy day momming?  Do the messages you get as a parent make it feel like no one could possibly do this job if it weren't for alcohol?

In this week's episode, I'm joined by Tessa Stuckey who shares her experience as a mom to 4 boys under 4 and being confronted with the reality that Mommy Wine Time wasn't doing her any favors.

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Tessa's story of changing her bottle-a-night habit into a place of feeling in control around her favorite cocktails The unpopular opinions Tessa and I spend our time, dollars, and energy shouting from the rooftops First-hand stories about the effects of alcohol on sleep (critical for moms!) Plus, our stories of injury and the role alcohol did and did not play in our recoveries!

Author of the book, For the Sake of Our Youth, and Adolescent and Family Therapist, Tessa Stuckey takes on today’s negative cultural effects on our kids’ mental health to a new level. As a mother of 4 herself, Tessa is passionate to provide motivation and hope for families not only in her office but across the nation through her book, For the Sake of Our Youth: A Therapist’s Perspective on Raising Your Family in Today’s Culture, as well.

Tessa and her husband live just north of Houston, Texas where they are actively raising their four sons and continuing the fight against today’s cultural effects. To find more about Tessa, visit or find her daily interaction on Instagram @TheMomTherapist.


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