Brain Unblocked | Episode 31: Optimizing Rest

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Have you ever broken down in frustrated tears (or anger) with the thought of “I just NEED A MINUTE TO REST!”? Or maybe you notice yourself trying to get everything done ahead of time so you can eventually rest without guilt, except there’s always more to do.  In this episode, I’ll explain how sometimes the biggest barrier to Optimized Rest is your mindset.

You don’t want to miss:

The lesson I learned the hard way about what happens in our bodies when we ignore the signs of stress and overwhelm The mindset blocks that keep you stuck in a loop of exhausting productivity and busy work Four things you can REMOVE from your daily chaos that will help you build in more quality sleep hygiene and rest throughout your day

PLUS, some quick and easy-to-incorporate practices that will help you build in pockets of rest for your brain throughout the day.


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