Brain Unblocked | Episode 13: Can Brainspotting Increase My Income?

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Brainspotting can unblock your brain in the ways that are keeping you stuck in your goals for building wealth. There are two approaches I recommend for using Brainspotting when it comes to increasing income. I share my top 5 brain blocks you might have that are keeping you from building wealth (while acknowledging that systemic barriers to wealth also exist and must be dismantled).

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The 5 major brain blocks possibly keeping you from earning the income you desire The 2 self-brainspotting setups I routinely recommend when a client wants to build wealth but feels stuck internally and unable to take the action steps required How to decide what’s safe to self-brainspot and when you should work with a professional

PLUS, a quick story about how gray area drinking also affects your income in unexpected ways.


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