Brain Unblocked | Episode 10: Brainspotting Imposter Syndrome with Katie Read

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Katie Read, creator of the Clini-Coach Certification, opens up about her own experience with Imposter Syndrome and how her experience with Brainspotting went when it came to feeling an inner part that was pushing to limiting success and staying safe.  Listen now to hear about what came out of her Brainspotting experience AND the amazing program she's created for helping therapists who have OUTgrown the therapy office.

Katie has been an LMFT forever, directed large agencies, taught grad school, supervised 40+ interns, written psych training materials, spoken at conferences, and had practices in various cities.

She's also the creator of:

The Clinician to Coach® Academy,

The Clini-Coach® Certification,

and the Six-Figure Flagship™ Program.

She's a little bit obsessed with helping you get profitable doing the creative, out-of-the-box, authentic work you're called to do.

You don’t want to miss:

Katie's take on her first Brainspotting experience  The amazing work Katie is doing to help make healing accessible outside the therapy office PLUS, my recommendation for what to self-brainspot if you're experiencing your own imposter syndrome.


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