How to Truly Break a Drinking Habit

3 Secrets to Genuine Habit Change Without FOMO

(Even if You’re Not an Alcoholic)

What You'll Learn

The key to unwinding after work without creating self-imposed rules for moderating your alcohol.
Alcohol Free challenges like Dry January are based on misunderstood facts about habit change. Learn exactly what to do instead of counting the days since your last drink.

How to stick to a 30 day Dry Challenge by harnessing the neuro-specific evidence most sobriety challenges are missing.
Listen, you already know alcohol isn’t doing you any favors, but that doesn’t seem to stop you when wine o’clock rolls around. You need this secret to go from knowing to KNOWING in a way that makes it easier to act accordingly.

The simple 3-part technique to ditch your drinking habit by changing your brain’s autopilot settings without using expensive or complicated treatments.
Most people don’t need to replace alcohol with dessert recipes, supplements, or even mocktails unless they want to. If you’re counting on these replacements to satisfy a craving, you need this healthy habit secret to stop cravings altogether (and it’s a lot less complicated than you might expect!)


About Carolyn

Here’s what I know to be true:

Moderate drinkers don’t actively moderate their drinking.  They simply don’t drink unless they truly want to, and they always stop when satisfied.

That’s why I’m on a mission to help 100 people every month get off the Groundhog Day Drinking Cycle of Shame so they can easily say “no thanks, I’m good” at happy hour, and mean it!

After two years of failed dry challenges I was secretly using to try and cut alcohol out of my life, I applied what I knew as a licensed therapist specializing in Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to my own drinking habits.

I haven’t wanted a drink since.

Then, I took my 16 years as a school teacher and created lessons to teach my high-achieving-yet-over-drinking clients how to do the exact same thing.

I immediately got my online coaching certification (Clini-Coach ®)

And now, I’m sharing these secrets with you.


Who is this for?

I love a good quiz… how many boxes do you check below?


 You’ve tried taking 2 or more breaks from booze in the past year only to end up right back at the same or higher amount or frequency of drinks than before you took the breaks.

You’ve tried 1 or more of the following rules in the past year but even when  you stick to them, you feel restricted and limited… rules like “I’ll only drink on weekends,” “I’ll have water in between drinks,” “I’ll allow myself 1 or 2 and I’ll drink them slowly and “mindfully” so I feel satisfied and can switch to NA drinks after that” or some other form of self-imposed rule meant to cap your intake.

Maybe you’ve successfully taken breaks, and maybe now you barely even drink anymore, that is until a special occasion comes up and you end up waking up the next morning wishing you’d just drank less than you did, as though no matter how many you say you’ll have, you always end up having at least one more.  If you say youll have one, you have two. If you say you’ll stop after 2, you have 3 or 4, and on it goes.


These experiences are actually just signs that you’re on the Groundhog Day Drinking Cycle of Shame, and as you’ll learn in this free on-demand training, if that’s you, it’s absolutely not your fault because you’ve just been doing what everyone else is telling you to do.

Have you heard people say that the key to balance is to learn to moderate your drinking? 

Or maybe you’ve heard them say that you just need to exercise better self-control, after all, you’re not addicted, right?

Or my other favorite *sarcasm*, “just try taking a break for 30 days and it’ll be so great to have mornings with a clear head that you’ll probably decide never to drink again!"

Listen, these sentiments are dead wrong.

I mean, if that last one were true, then everyone who finished dry January would stop drinking forever, and we both know that is definitely not the case.  

And if you’ve been following that advice, it’s no WONDER you’ve struggled!

We’re going to dig into exactly why these well-intentioned but outdated suggestions are so unhelpful, and what to do INSTEAD in your free on-demand training.