Brain Unblocked | Episode 64: Can You Be As Successful As They Are? And Other Brain Blocks with Delee D'Arcy

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If you’re feeling skeptical about Brainspotting, join me today as I chat with Delee D’Arcy about her experience in the Balanced Productivity Blueprint.  Delee is a Men’s Communication Clini-Coach who helps men S.H.I.F.T. connection, closeness, fun, laughter and success into overdrive AND she and I have worked together to unblock some of her inner struggles with productivity and finding balance between business ownership and having fun! 

You don’t want to miss:

  • The brain blocks that were keeping Delee stalled out and in her own way
  • Delee’s decision point that led her to investigating whether or not brainspotting might be the key to her unhelpful work habits
  • How Delee works with men on communication by seeing past what society calls “angry” 

PLUS, how brainspotting makes life more fun!


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