Brain Unblocked | Episode 59: How busy people can uplevel their Dry January by modernizing the 30 day challenge model of health-building

If you love efficiency as much as I do then this episode is a must-listen.  Why waste 31 days of a solid Dry January neglecting your deep brain when you can uplevel those 31 days to skyrocket your results and end up with a real change when it comes to your drinking habits.

You don’t want to miss:

  • The reason a traditional dry january is like hiding dirty laundry
  • Why it’s so hard to say no when offered a drink even though you KNOW it’ll end in groundhog day
  • What you can do to uplevel your dry january if you want real change in your drinking habit 

PLUS, download my free e-book Mistake Moderation to learn the 4 biggest mistakes I see people making at the end of Dry January when they want to go back to drinking a moderate amount. 


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