Brain Unblocked | Episode 16: Brainspotting Writer's Block with Kate Turner

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Have you ever felt certain there's a story inside that has the power to impact the world?  Writer's block can be a frustrating reality when it comes time to sit down and get that story out into words. Listen as Kate Turner shares her experience with brainspotting for her own writer's block.

Kate Turner has been in service of healing and helping in many roles.  I met her first as a trainer for the Love and Logic program way back in my school counseling days.

Here's Kate's take on Love and Logic:

Love and Logic gives parents easy to use tools and skills to help raise thinking adults -  the first rule is that parents must take good care of themselves.

As parents, we must stop “stealing” from our children - and allow our kids to own the consequences of the problems that they create.


Links and resources:

Love and Logic was founded over 40 years ago and has helped millions of families.  Love and Logic was a game changer for the Turners!

Connect with Kate Turner and see information on her upcoming trainings:

FB:  Kate Turner Counseling

Insta:  Kate Turner Counseling

Mosaics of Mercy - The non-profit hub for helping families navigate mental health and addiction recovery.


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